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Gas Fireplace Inserts

We sell their direct vent gas inserts which are the best choice when converting your wood-burning fireplace to gas. These fireplace inserts are perfect for a main living area and in an open floor plan for zone heating at a much lower gas usage than your gas furnace. They create the look of a new beautiful fireplace in place of your old wood-burning fireplace which is often outdated and shows the effects of burning wood in it. We drop a new venting system down the existing chimney that has a new sealed termination cap that prevents cold air from coming into your home while taking all the gas exhaust that is generated to the outside of your home. They can be burned continuously due to this venting system so they can heat the main living area all winter long. They come standard with a six speed blower which deliver six levels of convection heat using as much electricity as light bulb. Using the blower in conjunction with the gas heat that radiates through the ceramic glass allows you to maximize your heat output while minimizing your energy input. They also have a battery backup system so they operate during a power outage. When you purchase a gas insert you are getting a beautiful-looking fireplace that heats a large living space for less than a quarter of the amount of gas your furnace burns per hour with all of the gas exhaust exiting your home through your existing chimney so it can be burned 24 hours a day.

Mendota direct vent gas inserts offer a beautiful selection of options for logs, interior liners and fronts to create a custom look that works perfectly with your interior design. They offer inserts with double burners which allow 12 level of heat output so they can be adjusted from a low heat to a very high heat output using the remote control. The double burner creates an amazing flame presentation. They just introduced their FV44i Fire In which is new burner design where the flames wrap around the gas logs for a very realistic look.

Regency makes premium direct vent gas inserts in three sizes to fit most wood burning fireplaces. They offer traditional designs with ember bed burners which look a real wood burning fireplaces and atmosphere burner which have the latest technology with the flames wrapping around the log set. We think they offer the most beautiful contemporary inserts in the industry with glass reflective crystals and real volcanic Basalt stone and realistic driftwood logs as options for a stunning look using reflective panels to maximize the flame presentation. They offer the same benefits all premium quality gas inserts which is energy efficient zone heating coming from a beautiful fireplace presentation.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Aspen Green Gas Works Provides Gas Fireplace Inserts From Regency Fireplaces To Northern Virginia including Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and Bethesda
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