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electric fireplace

Electric Fireplace

Adding an electric fireplace is a great way to create the ambiance of a fireplace in a room that won’t accommodate a gas fireplace. NetZero Fire’s offers luxury electric fireplaces that use hologram and water vapor technology to create the most realistic and beautiful electric fireplaces in the industry.

Regency collection has three series of electric fireplaces as well as electric inserts that can be installed in existing wood burning fireplaces 0r built into the room.  They offer enhanced, undulating flame effects and a deep bed of realistic logs or crystals that gives unparalleled realism and a modern, clean aesthetic while providing heat. They use 110V outlets so they can be installed in any room with a simple receptacle.

Electric Fireplace

We recently expanded our electric fireplace offerings by adding NetZero Fire’s ultra premium line of E-One holographic electric fireplaces. NetZero Fire e is recognized as the top sustainable fireplace manufacturer in the industry and their E-One fireplaces are the first electric fireplaces with dual holographic flames which create the most realistic look in the industry.

Regency has just introduced two new collections of linear electric fireplace to their existing line and a traditional electric insert with logs choices that can be installed into an existing fireplace or built into a room. Electric fireplaces are the future in fireplace manufacturing since they do not rely on carbon based fuels and have zero emissions. They can be installed in any room, are very energy efficient and don’t require venting to the exterior so they are perfect for any fireplace project.

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